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At switch2fitness
being healthy is a lifestyle.

We are passionate about helping our members reach their health and fitness goals by educating, motivating and providing on-going support.

We are family friendly making it easy for our members to commit to making lifestyle changes that can be maintained and creating a positive environment so the whole family benefits.

Train Anytime, Anywhere with s2f on DEMAND

"It never gets easier, you just keep getting better."
Talitha Ryan & Melanie Crawford

We understand that being fit and healthy needs to fit in with your busy life, so we offer a range of training sessions at various times throughout the week so you can reach your goals.


Outdoor/Team Training

switch2fitness members love training outdoors at various locations in the local area. We also run team training sessions at the HUB Recreation centre – sessions include Boxing, Strength, Functional fitness, Kettlebells & YOGA.

Small Groups (Power2Pace)

Personal training without the price tag! A maximum of 4 people per session keep your workouts personalised and are great for people who need extra accountability. Perfect for friends wanting to train together & those who want the extra motivation.


switch2fitness offers 1-2-1 sessions for those looking for specific training sessions and for those who prefer training on their own.

s2f on DEMAND

Train anytime, anywhere with s2f on DEMAND. Over 200 workouts to choose from and 5 new sessions added every week, including YOGA.

Nutrition Coaching

A simple approach to helping you make healthier food choices for you and your family & tools to develop healthy eating habits - for life!

4/8/12 Week Challenges

A kick start to your new healthy lifestyle. Includes team training sessions, regular fitness testing & measurements, simple nutrition guides, continued support and motivation.

Try s2f on DEMAND for free now!

Team Training Timetable


9:00am  KB-FIT (Rec Centre) - 45 min

6:30pm  HIIT COMBAT (HVSP) - 45 min


6:30pm POWERFIT (HVSP) - 45 mins


8:30am 3XSTRENGTH - (Rec Centre) - 45 min

6:30pm  3XSTRENGTH (Rec Centre) - 45 min


6:30pm  FUNCTIONAL FITNESS (Rec Centre) - 45 min


9:00am  FRI-YAY-FIT (HVSP) - 45 min


8:00 am - 11am OPEN GYM SESSION (HRC)
Come and do your own thing!

HVSP - Happy Valley Sports Park - Taylors Rd W, Aberfoyle Park

Rec Centre - The Hub Aberfoyle Park

LS - Live Stream

Note: Timetable is subject to change

P2P (Power2Pace) Timetable


5:30pm P2P STRENGTH  (Hub Rec Centre) - 45 min


6:00am   P2P CARDIO (Hub Rec Centre) - 45 min


No Sessions scheduled


5:30pm P2P CARDIO (Hub Rec Centre) - 45 min



7:00am P2P ALTERNATING (Hub Rec Centre) - 45 min


8:00am P2P ALTERNATING (Hub Rec Centre) - 45 min

HVSP - Happy Valley Sports Park - Taylors Rd W, Aberfoyle Park

Rec Centre - The Hub Aberfoyle Park

LS - Live Stream

Bookings essential. Sessions subject to change due to instructor availability. 

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