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2019 Winter Blitz

2019 Winter Blitz

The Winter Blitz was a fantastic challenge for our members. It couldn’t have come at a better time as it really motivated challengers to push themselves hard through the winter months and fight the cold. Our member’s goal was to increase overall fitness over the span of 4 weeks with a bonus session on every Sunday and a bonus P2P every week to really push themselves. Challengers were also given a 28-day burpee program; this was bonus content they could do at home if they wanted to get the extra leg up at the end and wanted to use the Winter Blitz to its full advantage. 

In good spirit we tested ourselves at the start of the challenge with a fitness test. This included max number of burpees in 2 minutes, max number of squat jumps in 2 minutes and holding a plank for as long as possible. I added up all the results to give the challenger an overall fitness score.

Our first Sunday session to kick start the Winter Blitz was held at Hub Rec Centre where we did the fitness tests and then a great cardio workout upstairs on the basketball courts. We thought we would be doing the second Sunday session indoors again, it was forecast to rain but it didn’t! We did our cardio session outside using the steps and created a bit of a cross-country track that the challengers, and my dog, Cooper, really pushed themselves in. 

Our third Sunday session was at Thalassa Park and the sun was shining! The first half we were doing a running circuit at the top car park incorporating some core work and step-ups, and the second half we were doing a running circuit on the grass hill, this incorporated some uphill training, downhill training and some sprints. Cooper joined in again and was a great mascot and motivator for the team.

By the last week of the Winter Blitz I really noticed the fitness increase and the improvement in our challengers particularly in their regular sessions such as 302Fit and Functional Fitness. This was great as our fourth session, probably our hardest, was at the Seacliff Stairs. That was a tough one that really worked the challengers hard and we even finished with a few sprints down on the beach.

Our fifth and final Sunday session for us was back in the Hub Rec Centre to do our fitness testing and a final Winter Blitz workout. I was absolutely blown away by the results, I knew the challengers had improved their fitness but the progress they have all made was outstanding. The group finished with a fun cardio workout at the end to conclude the challenge.

The Winter Blitz was a super positive experience for everyone including myself. I enjoyed the variety I was able to create at the Sunday sessions, everybody's willingness to give things a go, step out of their comfort zones, and push themselves mentally, making them holistically stronger. I am so proud of our challengers and I am really looking forward to our next Blitz. 

Renee - S2F & Winter Blitz Trainer  

Fitness Test results of the Blitz are below


Jodi H: Burpees - 37, Step-ups- 63, Plank - 3:09 = 257.7

Tanya: Burpees - 29, Step-ups - 109, Plank - 2:00 = 203.5

Veronika: Burpees - 21, Squat Jumps - 41, Plank - 1:08 = 136

Sarah: Burpees - 30, Squat Jumps - 52, Plank - 3:09= 271

Violeta: Burpees - 40, Step-ups - 33, Squat Jumps - 30, Plank - 3:00 = 266.5

Robyn: Burpees - 21, Step-ups - 53, Plank - 2:28 = 195.5

Jodi B: Burpees - 46, Squat Jumps - 71, Plank - 4:00 = 357

Andrew: Burpees - 36, Squat Jumps 77, Plank - 5:00 = 413


Jodi H: Burpees - 43, Step-ups - 94, Plank - 4:03 = 333

Tanya: Burpees - 38, Step-ups - 245, Plank - 4:10 = 410.5

Veronika: Burpees - 32, Squat Jumps - 46, Plank - 1:24 = 162

Sarah: Burpees - 30, Squat Jumps - 88, Plank - 5:11 = 429

Violeta: Burpees - 42, Step-ups - 35, Squat Jumps - 40, Plank - 4:20 = 359.5

Robyn: TBC

Jodi B: Burpees - 48, Squat Jumps - 91, Plank - 5:32 = 471

Andrew: Injured

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