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Benefits Of Scheduling Your Training

Benefits Of Scheduling Your Training

Planning your training days and rest days helps maximise your fitness progress. Here are some of the benefits:

➔ It’s easier to find motivation – A workout schedule helps you prioritise & integrate exercise into your daily life, minimising the risk of procrastination. Soon it will be something you can’t live without, rather than something you need to talk yourself into.

➔ Fitness becomes more holistic – Scheduling your workouts makes it easier to find a balance of endurance, flexibility, and strength training every week. This ensures you don’t focus too much on only one type of exercise, which can lead to a fitness plateau or getting injured.

➔ Workout quality improves – With a schedule, you know in advance you’ll have enough time to warm up, work out, and cool down. You won’t be trying to squeeze a workout into a tight schedule and end up with a training session that’s rushed and ineffective.

➔ Track your progress – It’s an excellent idea to track your strength & fitness by keeping a training journal or uploading data from a wearable device. Scheduling your workouts and rest days makes the tracking results more consistent and more informative.

➔ Rest days are guaranteed – Overdoing it is a common problem with training, leading to fatigue or injury. Muscles need repair after vigorous exercise and with scheduled workouts, rest days are planned in advance. This ensures your fitness improves as quickly and safely as possible.

➔ You have more time to do other things – Scheduled workouts make you more organised. If you know you’ll be committing specific days to exercise, you’ll be better able to manage your schedule on the rest days.

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