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We assist people with their health and fitness goals by educating, motivating and providing on-going support.
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BOX2FIT confidence – strength – speed Simple Punch combos & lower body strength exercises for a full-body workout that strengthens core, increases fitness and coordination. Incinerate calories as you punch your way through boundaries and take your fitness to the next level.
FIT2MAX fit- fast – fun Perfect for first time exercisers and the fitness freaks.
This session is designed to push anyone and everyone to their limits using simple athletic moves to increase overall fitness.
FUNCTIONAL FITNESS push – pull – lift Prepare your body for everything…
Small group functional fitness sessions use big movements that work the entire body maximising your time and optimising your workout – Train for life!
LENGTH & STRENGTH surrender – relax – meditate This is a slower paced style yoga class which focuses on working deep into the connective tissues rather than the muscles improving range of movement and flexibility. Being a small group session with a max of 6 participants means we can focus on each individual clients needs in a personalised environment.
YOGA FLOW breath – bend – stretchA Vinyasa flow, moving meditation class. This contemporary style of yoga encompasses a range of yoga styles in one practice.
You will move through a sequence of postures that flow smoothly connecting movement and breath. Perfect for all levels of experience.
3 X STRENGTH lift – sweat – push limits Using a Barbell, Dumbbell, Kettlebells and a step in this session will add variety and fun to your strength training program.
Targeting all major muscle groups in the body this session will work on building strength and endurance while you work up a sweat with our cardio insertions.
TERMS & CONDITIONS – I UNDERSTAND AND AGREE To pay for a week in advance and then regular weekly payments either by cash or bank transfer to switch2fitness’ nominated account.
If I miss a Team Training session I have 4 weeks to do a make-up session, if the make-up session is not done within that 4 weeks, it becomes void. If you can’t make it to a TT session please notify S2F 12 hours before so your spot can be offered to someone else. P2P, 2TO1 & PERSONAL TRAINING CANCELLATION POLICY
If I have to cancel or reschedule any regular P2P session, I must contact S2F directly at least 24 hours in advance.
If I cancel or reschedule an appointment less than 24 hours in advance, S2F will charge a cancellation fee equivalent of half the
full fee of the session that was scheduled if it cannot be filled.
If I fail to attend a regular P2P session without notice, S2F will charge a non-attendance fee equivalent to the fee that would have been charged for the session (S2F recognises that emergency situations arise and will be dealt with on an individual basis.)
All cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance by phone, SMS or email.
Suspension of my membership is available by completing a suspension form. By paying the suspension fee of $20, switch2fitness will hold a place in my regular training sessions until end date of suspension.
A minimum suspension is14 day, maximum is 8 weeks.
Suspension fee will be refunded on recommencement of training.
If regular payments cease without completing a suspension form, switch2fitness cannot guarantee members’ regular training sessions will be available on recommencement.
FOR MORE DETAILS PLEASE CONTACT: Talitha at admin@switch2fitness.com.au M 0422 072 766 * Session times/days and availability subject to change without notice.