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Metabolic Conditioning Workout #1

Metabolic Conditioning Workout #1

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) also known as Metabolic Conditioning training involves a very high work rate while using exercises that burn more calories during your workout and maximise calories burned after your workout (or, as that period is often called, the "after-burn").

These challenging high-intensity circuit type workouts often involve total body compound exercises (exercises that use more than one joint and one muscles group at the same time) and short recovery intervals.

Shorter recovery time allows you to spend more time in your anaerobic zone (which improves both your endurance and muscle strength), a level at which you should stay for around 2 minutes before you must stop and rest.


Try doing the following sequence of exercises in 2 minutes and then rest for 2 minutes.

x 5 Rounds

Adjust the amount of repetitions if you can't do them all in 2 mins. Remember - it's better to keep the weight heavy (keep the intensity high) and do less reps.

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