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Wednesday Workout – Back, Core And Cardio

Wednesday Workout - Back, Core And Cardio

You might not consider this session a 'CORE' workout but it is and there's not a crunch in sight - winning!

First we start with a 7 - 10 minute warm up. You can use a combo of cardio equipment including the treadmill, rower and cross trainer or if you are just using one, go for the cross trainer so you don't wear your back & arms out on the rower before you start the workout.

Warm up alternative if you don't feel like using cardio equipment - 60 seconds of the following exercises:

Now the WORK OUT...

5 Rounds

Now for the fun bit hahaha...

Jump on the treadmill and finish this workout off with some treadmill sprints...

Go for today's maximum effort - this will vary from person to person and also on how you are felling on the day, please listen to your body & not your ego!

20 second sprints with 40 seconds recovery in between. Aim for 10 sprints but if you feel your form starting to fail in the last few, you can either stop or reduce the speed. Gradually work you way up to finishing 10 at max effort with good form!

HATE RUNNING, DODGY KNEES?? Do your sprints on the rowing machine, bike or cross trainer... no excuses!

It's good to have a goal to work towards, it will help keep you motivated. Remember, it's not the destination, its the journey that really matters, in fitness and in life!

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