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Food IQ Quiz

Food IQ Quiz

1. True or false? A small can of baked beans has more fibre than an apple.

Answer – True! A 130g can of baked beans has 6g of fibre, double that of an apple. For quick easy meals, keep baked beans (salt reduced) in the pantry as well as chickpeas and lentils.

2. A serve of red meat should be the size of…?

A. Your hand

B. Your plate

C. Your palm

Answer – C. Your palm. Say goodbye to giant t-bones and schnitzels that hang over the sides of your plate! When buying meat, look for cuts that are around 100 – 150g when raw – that’s about the size and thickness of your palm. Try and reduce your intake of red meat by including 1 – 2 meat free meals every week.

3. Which nutrient is most filling – carbohydrates, protein or fat?

Answer – protein, including protein to most meals will keep you full for longer which can help with weight loss and is great for maintaining a healthy weight. Protein rich foods include dairy, meat, beans, legumes, tempeh, tofu and nuts.

4. Rank these foods from the highest to the lowest in calories.

1 row of milk chocolate

2 slices (40g) full fat cheese

150g salmon fillet

20 almonds


Salmon (290 cal)

Cheese (175 cal)

Almonds (145 cal)

Chocolate (100 cal)

While salmon and nuts are higher in calories than chocolate, they are also packed full of nutrients, healthy fats and high in protein making them a healthy choice. Rather than focusing on calories alone, consider a food’s nutritional value, too.

5. Which of these foods contain the energy boosting mineral, iron?



Wholegrain bread

Kidney beans

Answer – all of them! Iron is found in both animal and plant sources. You can increase your iron absorption from plants by paring them with vitamin C rich foods. Try adding red capsicum to your next stir-fry or add orange segments into a spinach salad.

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