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Meet Talitha

Meet Talitha

Hi my name is Talitha.

I’ve been in the fitness industry and working with switch2fitness for 4 years.

It started off as an extra job on the side but it has grown to be my passion and my career.

It is such a rewarding industry to work in and every single one of our clients is inspirational.

There have been some amazing results from the 8 week challenges and I am always blown away by the dedication and work that these people put in. I love how much energy everyone brings to each training session and how much support and encouragement they all give each other. The members are what keeps me learning and growing so that I can continue to provide fun and challenging workouts. They also give me the motivation to continue my own training and to practice what I preach.

My regular exercise routine includes yoga, running, weights, RPM and boxing.

My Qualifications: Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness, Punchfit Trainer Certificate (Boxing), High Intensity Resistance Training certificate level 1, Yoga Teacher Training certificate (200hr), Kettle bell basics, Introduction to Nutrition Coaching, Training kids and Client nutrition, Fitness Australia and Australian Fitness Network registered, First Aid certificate.

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