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“Why Didn’t I Do This A Year Ago?”

"Why Didn't I Do This A Year Ago?"

I took a deep breath and signed up for the last s2f 8 week challenge of 2017, having given excuses for all the others throughout the year when my bestie asked me to join her. I felt I was too big, too unhealthy, that I didn’t have enough time around hubby’s shifts, kids clubs etc. I had decided I wouldn’t manage the sessions due to my injuries/health issues and just felt ashamed of how I’d let myself go. I was embarrassed and scared to try but deep down I knew I needed some help with my food and I wanted to start to exercise, having only walked the dog before attending my first s2f session.

I signed up the day registrations closed. The much anticipated weigh-in and measure was a big eye opener, and I gave myself the goal of losing 4kg in the 8 weeks. I talked about my eating habits and kept a food diary to pin point problem areas that could be addressed to help with weight loss. I walked away feeling positive about a few changes I had committed to make, starting immediately on my new journey.

My first fitness session was with Renee and it was fabulous. Yes I struggled, yes I was exhausted at the end but I also felt exhilarated and proud of what I was able to do! I worked to my own ability and it felt great. Renee was happy to give me alternatives to the few exercises I couldn’t do due to my injuries and I learned very quickly that all my previous excuses were not valid and how much fun group fitness could be. It wasn’t a chore to exercise, it was enjoyable! I was hooked and couldn’t wait for my next class.

For 8 weeks I attended 3 sessions a week, sometimes 4 and I loved the variety each time. I didn’t get bored with the workouts and was thrilled with myself when I was able to run that bit further than the week before or do an exercise more easily. What made it for me is everyone is so friendly. I didn’t feel awkward or silly. I felt comfortable sweating it out, huffing and puffing my way through, often being last to finish. I didn’t care, I was determined to try my hardest and that was all that mattered. Not only did I receive encouragement from the coaches, but also from my new fitness colleagues.

At the 4 week weigh-in I was astounded to be told I had lost 5kg! In just 4 weeks I had beaten my 8 week goal and I had lost 20cms too. The exercise along with the changes I’d made to my food intake was working! This was the encouragement I needed to keep going. I was already in the habit of looking forward to my fitness sessions with Talitha and Renee who both encouraged me to push myself, motivated me to go that bit harder and most importantly – made it all enjoyable!

The final weigh-in day arrived and I jumped up and down squealing when I was told I’d lost another 3kg! 8kg down in 8 weeks! And 29cm from my body measurements! WOW, there aren’t words to describe how I felt. A few changes to my daily diet and routine, allowing myself time to go and exercise and the support from s2f as well as at home had gotten me these amazing results! I had done it! All I could think of was “WHY DIDN’T I DO THIS A YEAR AGO?!”

Marika xx

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